Fundraiser for Sunkissed Acres


We closed our very successful gourmet retail store, Taste, in August of 2017. We wanted more time with family and here on the farm that retail allows. We still have some remaining stock of our customers favorite products and have made them available for purchase online with the net proceeds benefiting Sunkissed Acres Equine Rescue in Summerville, GA. The majority of our wonderful therapy horses have come to us with the help of Sunkissed Acres, and we wanted to do something to help.

When you purchase any of these products, not only will the net proceeds go to SKA, but any amount given through 10/31 will be matched. So this is a GREAT way to stock up on pantry items or for holiday gift giving! Orders over $50 ship free!!!

This store will be available until 10/27/2017 or sold out. There is limited inventory and these are goods that customers would drive 4+ hours for, so get them while you can!


Pickles by The Real Dill

Our best selling products, hands down! I know what you're thinking...everyone makes a great pickle, right? These pickles go way beyond great, as many of our customers called them...these are LIFE CHANGING pickles! We sold cases each week! The flavors are honest and clean, the pickles are super crunchy. The Caraway Garlic Dill is best seller, and my personal favorite is the Habenaro Horseradish! These are big 32 ounce jars with the exception of the Thai Chili Ginger, Sweet Molasses and Spiced Okra which are 16 ounce.

NYS Honey and Maple Syrup by Bushwick Kitchen

It's fall here in upstate NY so we are all about maple and honey! Bushwick Kitchen heads upstate to collect their honeys and maples from great farms throughout the region, they take them back to the kitchen and make this delicious bottles of goodness. My personal favorite is the Cinnamon Maple, and Salted Honey!



Bittermilk & Tippleman's

Husband and wife Joe and MariElena Raya poured all of their restaurant and bar experience into Bittermilk and Tipplemans, and the result is a collection of handcrafted cocktail mixers packed with flavor and incredibly easy to enjoy. The couple even run a pre-prohibition era bar in Charleston called The Gin Joint, where they use many of the same syrups themselves.

Apothecary Bitters

At the Apothecary Bitters Company, they handcraft all of their bitters in small batches with only real ingredients, no artificial flavorings or extracts, using choice botanicals and spices. The goal with their bitters is to create unique, complex and delicious flavor combinations that are not only intriguing, but extremely useful to the modern mixologist.Every style of bitters they make is ultimately created with the end use in mind, developed to make your cocktails stand out and to inspire new recipe ideas in the process.